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Think about one of your most treasured memories. Is it one facet of that experience that you remember- or vivid memories of the experience as a whole? 

At Robin Stout & Co. we create those memories. We want you and your guests to leave an event having experienced a moment in time. In today's cookie cutter world of weddings and events, let us make your wedding or event unique and distinct! 

What We Offer

Planning: From engagement/inception, design & attire to Thank you notes after the event.

Coordination: Curated exact, uplifting moments in time throughout your special day!


Website Creation and Management: Give the info - assist the guests - build anticipation!

Floral Design: The icing on the cake! We have an in-house florist. 

Staging: Special WOW pieces that speak your language! Dress up your space! 

Installation Expertise: Make sure those one-of-a-kind pieces are built and stand right!

Vendor Referrals: Top notch, top-of-the-line pieces of the puzzle that will not disappoint!


Emergency Services: Oh no! We may be in over our heads! 

Let's make memories...

In order for us to truly personalize your event - we need a few more details! Give us a call at 940.627.7700 or e-mail to schedule a consultation!

Florals by Robin Stout & Co.
Photos by Heather Buckley
Gorgeous guest book table with floral centerpiece.
The Saunders formal portrait
Florals by Robin Stout & Co.
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